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SkateBIRD Spoopy Combo

SkateBIRD Spoopy Combo

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We’ve got a SkateBIRD goody for you. One last dose of spoopy before Santa hat time. We give you: SkateBIRD x JAZZ MICKLE’s Pro Cap Wearer do a Spoopy Combo!

It’s free / pay-what-you-want, and all donations go directly to Jazz Mickle (the dev building our birb customization system). This is just a fun cross-over between our game and hers! If you’ve never seen them before, the Jazz Mickle Pro Cap Wearer series (there’s two!) is a tongue-in-cheek send off of a… particular skating franchise… that asks an important question: but what about the folks who just want to sit around the skatepark wearing cool hats, and generally looking cool. At last, the same experience is open to birbs who can’t really skate, but really wanna hang around the cardboard park with skatebirbs and just look cool in some hats. You could be that birb. RIGHT NOW!

Practically speaking, this is a stand-alone demo for how SkateBIRD’s clothing customization will work. Over the next while here, we’ll add the other clothing types (glasses, belts, etc) to this freebie, and eventually cap it off with an outfit export system so you can customize your birb is SkateBIRD x Jazz Mickle’s Pro Cap Wearer, then import exactly that birb into the final SkateBIRD game!

Have fun dressing up some birbs!


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News skatebird announce
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