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Press Kit

If you want our email, it’s what you’d expect! press at glassbottomgames for press stuff, business at glassbottomgames for business stuff. Both mostly just go to me, Megan. Hi!

Then for media stuff, here’s where to get the images for studio peoples, logos, that kind of thing. Screenshots? Just check the game pages themselves. Cool? Cool!

That’s us, Glass Bottom Games!
Why gosh, that’s Megan Fox, founder and programmer and janitor and so on of Glass Bottom Games! And she’s on a BEACH. Imagine that!
this is our office. No, really. We’re a virtual studio, and this is the barn Megan works out of. It’s a really nice barn, though! It’s located out waaaay west of Seattle. Go west from Seattle until you hit the water, then keep going, no no keep going, I’m over on the Kitsap Penninsula. In the summer it gets kinda hot, hence the foil- we’re classy like that.