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SkateBIRD at PAX East 2019, in the Indie MEGABOOTH!

SkateBIRD at PAX East 2019, in the Indie MEGABOOTH!

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Wanna try the first public playable demo of SkateBIRD? Are you gonna be at PAX East 2019? WELL GOSH!

We’ll be in the MINIBOOTH area of the Indie Megabooth on Saturday and Sunday. Just walk up, check out our booth, grab the controller and go.

We’re ALSO scheduling private demos on Thursday and Friday, if you happen to be an influencer, press-type, etc. You can schedule a meeting for Saturday or Sunday too, if you like! Just get ahold of us (email Megan! megan AT glassbottomgames) soon, since the slots are filling up. If you’ve forgotten what SkateBIRD is (oh no!), it’s that game wot you become a skateboarding bird. Grind on bendy straws, kickflip over staplers, and carve killer lines through a cardboard and sticky tape world. Skatebird can’t fly, but on a board, they soar.

Wishlisting the game on Steam helps us out a ton, so if you’re interested in cute birbs on skateboards:


SkateBIRD is announced!
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Spartan Fist is out!
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Hot Tin Roof is ON STEAM!
News hot tin roof launch
Now on Steam (alongside Hot TIn Roof)!
News jones on fire launch
Hot Tin Roof IS HAPPENING! We hit our goal! SO FREAKING EXCITED!
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News jones on fire launch