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Spartan Fist is out!

Spartan Fist is out!

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Spartan Fist is OUT NOW! It’s available on Steam here:

and check out the live-action first person (seriously) trailer, right here. It’s a first-person puncher about punching dudes so hard they explode.

It’s been ages since we sent you anything, mostly because we’ve been working on - THIS. You probably last saw us making Hot Tin Roof, the side-scrolling noir metroidvania action game about Jones and Franky, sidekick gumshoes. Well, as happens to good detectives, they got fired at the end of that, and moved on to new jobs… as ARENA FIGHTERS.

Trust us, there’s more depth to the plot, but it’s also just a really fun game about punching dudes so hard they explode. Give it a look, and maybe take it for a spin if you like the idea :D


Hot Tin Roof is ON STEAM!
News hot tin roof launch
Now on Steam (alongside Hot TIn Roof)!
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Jones On Fire has released on GooglePlay... without any IAPs!
News jones on fire launch
Hot Tin Roof IS HAPPENING! We hit our goal! SO FREAKING EXCITED!
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Glass Bottom Games opens its doors
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