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2.0 launch, we're DONE! Also, you can get a plushie!

2.0 launch, we're DONE! Also, you can get a plushie!

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SkateBIRD Plush orders are live!

It’s MakeShip, so we gotta make it to the minimum order size. There also won’t be any more, so if you want- best get in on it! I really like their lil feets, it came out so good.

SkateBIRD is on Playstation!

Launch seems to have gone off without a hitch, so yeah! We’re on all the platforms now. Hooray! You probably already know this if you have a PS4/PS5, but if not, hey!

Skate Heaven is out! We’re done!

We launched Skate Heaven, the final content update, across all platforms. This also included the selfie-stick camera mode. Collectively? That means we’re done with stretch goals, and the game is DONE. Yay! Thanks everyone for following along with what turned out to be a wild journey. It was a heck of a good time, and we made a cool thing!

Stick with us though, cus the next game’s even cooler. We’ll be quiet for a bit, but you’ll hear about it when we’ve got something to show!

It’s gonna be so rad.


SkateBIRD's OST is now on cassette tapes! and more!
News skatebird announce
Limited Run Games is doing boxed copies for SkateBIRD on Switch!
News skatebird announce
SkateBIRD is OUT! It's done! Finally!
News skatebird announce launch
SkateBIRD Spoopy Combo
News skatebird announce
Wanna try SkateBIRD? We put out a public alpha demo!
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SkateBIRD is announced!
News skatebird announce