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SkateBIRD 1.7 is live! Free content update!

SkateBIRD 1.7 is live! Free content update!

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This kicks down 2 more stretch goals: the outdoor level, and the Super Create-A-Bird (which became SECRET SKATER, because the bird creator had already grown gigantic and didn’t need any help).

You will recognize the secret skater. Unlocked by beating the game. I’m not gonna spoil ya, but, go watch the Wholesome Direct video if you want to see, it’s at 42:44.

Also, there’s a 35% off sale on Steam starting on the 13th! So that’s probably a good time to snag it if you haven’t. The new level is unlocked from the beginning, and canonically takes place after the events of the main story. So play it whenever! Anyways YEAH! Have fun!

Oh and there’s pride clothes in there now too, cus yup, it’s June, and I like rainbows. Enjoy rainbow birds!

Also, if you’re on console, you maaaaybe won’t have this for a few days yet. We’ve submitted everything, and it’ll probably go through TRCs pretty fast, but it’ll at least be a few days behind Steam.

That’s about it! Let us know on Discord if you hit hurdles or bugs, and I’ll jump on ’em and fix ’em as fast as I reasonably can. Anyways now go back to enjoying your weekend, assuming you read this on the weekend. If you’re reading this on a Monday and avoiding work, (good for you I’m rooting for you you got this it’s almost break time get u a snack).


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