About Our Studio

Glass Bottom Games is a Washington-based independent developer of video games. We make desktop games, console games, heck, even phone games sometimes. We started the studio in 2011, after LEGO Universe closed down and had to let everyone go. Of those original founders, only Megan Fox remains as the studio lead and game runner. We’ve dabbled in violent games, but mostly our heart is in absurd cute stuff, usually with a lot of quirky writing stuffed in all the corners.

We work as a loose collection of contributors and contractors, with folks coming and going as our current project suits their skillset. As such, our current team is a bit hard to pin down, so here’s some random team photos! To the left is a 2017 holiday party that had part of our Spartan Fist team, and below is the PAX 2014 crew that ran our booth there. More to come later! We’re all remote, so cool get-together pics like this are rare.